The Motet to headline coast to coast

By photographer and music blogger Alan Crandall
The Motet is heading back out on the road. I am not talking about shows in Breckenridge or Carbondale like they did the last two nights. No, I am not talking about tonight’s Best of Halloween show at the Aggie Theater where the Motet select the best of their prior Halloween tribute shows covering bands like Jamiroquai, Talking Heads, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Sly Stone, Earth, Wind and Fire and the Grateful Dead. I am not even talking about tomorrow night’s New Year’s eve show at the Aggie with the Motet and Euforquestra. Playing local, affordable and dynamic shows, this is the Motet I know; this is the Motet I love. No, The Motet are going much bigger, I am talking coast to coast, nationwide and to other countries even.

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