Pure art at Old Firehouse

"Nuage," by Penelope Sharp, on view at the Old Firehouse Art Center.

You might have seen a preview of the exhibition “Intervallum” in the July 8 edition of Day & Night. The show, at the Old Firehouse Art Center in Longmont, features work by painter Rick Visser and mixed-media artist Penelope Sharp.

I spoke to Visser in his studio for the article, and he impressed me with his pure devotion to his creative life. I just went to see the show, and his paintings communicated the same kind of devotion, only in paint.

Sharp’s work complements his paintings. She makes twisting, writhing sculptures that in appearance are quite different than Visser’s paintings, yet they both seem to reach for some ineffable ideal.


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  1. Sara Sheldon says:

    Rick Visser and Penelope Sharp were both at the opening reception, as was Sharon Connor, Whose work was in the Firehouse Member Gallery, to talk about their art (rather the point of holding the receptions) and were articulate about their thinking as to why they approach their craft the way they do.
    Rick was back last night at ArtWalk when 1000 people walked through the gallery during the community event. Another big draw was the thrill of the older fire engines that were giving free rides–with sirens blaring–throughout the neighborhood.

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